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Work trip

出差 , 看展 , 一直都是我們的日常 , 員工進修是必然 , 主管進修更是必須 , 我們的接案範圍十分廣泛 , 畢竟 , 工業設計及產品設計的範疇也是很廣泛 , 基於一個專業的設計公司 , 看展進修 , 參與講座 , 與業主出差 , 是再自然不過的一件事情 .

Today, the Business trips and exhibitions have always been our daily routines. Staff training is inevitable, and supervisor training is even more necessary. Our range of cases is very wide. After all, the scope of industrial design and product design is also very wide. It is natural to see exhibitions, participate in lectures, and travel with the owners.


Travel with the owner to understand the content of the case.


參加講座應該也是再自然不過的事情 .
Attendance at a lecture should be natural.

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